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¿Qué son los phrasal verbs?

Los "phrasal verbs" son verbos que cambian de significado cuando se les añade una preposición o un adverbio.

Verbo + preposición / adverbio = forman un nuevo significado

Por ejemplo:

Blow + up = significa explotar

Flip + out = significa volverse loco

Take + off = significa despegar

Hoy vamos a desplegar algunos de los los “phrasal verbs” utilizados para hablar sobre “salud''. Dinos en los comentarios cuáles de los phrasal verbs no conocías.

Pass away = die.

● Anna was with Jim when he passed away.

Run over = hit by a vehicle.

● John was run over by a car.

Come down with = become sick.

● I think Susan is coming down iwth a cold. She is in bed now.

Fight off = free yourself from an illness.

● Alan is fighting off a cold.

Pass out = faint, lose consciousness.

● Jennifer nearly passed out when she saw all the blood.

Come to = become conscious.

● Has she come to yet?

Get over = recover from something.

● It took Susan ages to get over the flue.

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