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🏫Mastering School Idioms for Fluent Conversations 📚


Idioms are expressions that have a figurative meaning different from their literal interpretation. In this blog, you are going to find some common school-related idioms:

📚 Hit the Books: This idiom means to study or start reading, often used when someone is preparing for an exam or doing homework.

Example: "I have to hit the books this weekend to get ready for the final test."

🐰 A Teacher's Pet: This term refers to a student who is a teacher's favorite, often seen as someone who tries to gain favor by being overly obedient or helpful.

Example: “I can’t stand Mary’s Attitude. She is the teacher’s pet and that’s why she is always doing great in the exams.”

🔥 Burning the Midnight Oil: When someone is "burning the midnight oil," it means they are studying or working late into the night.

Example: "We’ll be burning the midnight oil to finish the English project."

🎨 Pass with Flying Colors: It means to succeed or excel in something, often used in the context of passing exams or tests very well.

Example: "My mother was extremely surprised because my sister passed her exam with flying colors."

📝 Acing a Test: When someone "aces a test," it means they receive a perfect or very high score on it.

Example: "That’s the guy who has aced the biology exam."

✂️ Cut Class: It means to skip or not attend a class or school without permission.

Example: "Let’s cut classes today. Besides, today is Friday.”

🗣️ Show and Tell: A common activity in elementary schools where students bring something from home to show to the class and then talk about it.

❤️ Learn something by heart: This is a common idiom to indicate that you have learned something pretty well that you won’t forget.

Example: “I had to learn the verb to be by heart when I was in primary school.”

🏫 Drop out of school: When someone stops attending classes for any reason.

Example: "Did you know mark drop out of school?”

🚣🏼‍♀️ In the Same Boat: This idiom means that people are in a similar situation or facing similar challenges.

Example: "We're all in the same boat when it comes to the workload this semester."

🪢 Learn the Ropes: it means to become familiar with a new task, job, or situation.

Example: "It took a while, but I've finally learned the ropes of this school."

🪱 Bookworm: To read a lot. Often because of passion.

Example: “My sister is a bookworm. She reads two books per month.”

💭 Daydream: To fantasize instead of paying attention to something.

Example: “My brother is not a bad student, but he has tendency to daydream in all classes.”

🤡 Class Clown: It’s the typical student who makes jokes all the time instead of paying attention.

Example: “Jackson is a class clown, he doesn’t let me paying attention because of his occurrences.”

💣 To bomb a test: To get a very low grade or the worst grade in a test.

Example: “My mother is going to kill me, I bombed three final tests.

These idioms are frequently used in school-related contexts and conversations. Understanding them can help you navigate discussions and express yourself more naturally when talking about academic experiences.


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