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Hablemos de modismos (idioms) 🗣️

¿Qué son “Idioms”?

Un “idiom” es una expresión idiomática que tiene un significado diferente al de las palabras individuales que la componen; por ejemplo: “to hit the roof” significa estar muy enojado.

A continuación, les dejamos expresiones idiomáticas que contienen palabras relacionada con el rostro. (Face Idioms).

¿Qué expresión idiomática usarías para describir un día complicado? 👇🏻

  • About the hair:

Get in someone's hair = to annoy or bother someone.

Hang by a hair = be in a very uncertain situation.

Pull your hair out =To show signs of exasperation when trying to deal

with a difficult situation.

Bad hair day = A bad day.

  • About the eyes:

Apple of one’s eyes = something or someone very precious or dear.

See eye to eye = agree with someone about something.

Catch one’s eye = to get someone’s attention.

Cry your eyes out = to cry very hard.

Turn a blind eye = to ignore something intentionally.

  • About the nose:

Pay through the nose = pay much more than a fair price.

Turn up one’s nose = To refuse to take or accept something because it is not good enough.

Keep nose out of business = used for telling someone that you do not want them to know about things that are private.

  • About the ears:

Be all ears = means you are ready to listen.

Turn a deaf ear to = to refuse to listen or ignore what someone says.

Music to my ears = good news.

Play it by ear = If you play it by ear, you don’t plan ahead but you do whatever seems best at the time depending on the situation.

  • About the mouth:

Have a big mouth = if you have a big mouth you can’t keep a secret.

Live from hand to mouth = to have just enough money or food to stay alive.

Take the words out of mouth = If you say exactly what someone else was going to say, you take the words out of their mouth.

  • About the chin:

Keep one’s chin up = don’t get depressed keep your chin up. Things will get better.

Take it on the chin = accept misfortune courageously or stoically.

Wag one’s chin = To talk or chat, especially idly or at length. To talk for hours.

Estos son solo algunos de tantos modismos que existen en el habla inglesa. Te invitamos a seguirnos en nuestras redes sociales para ver nuevo contenido de aprendizaje.


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