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How to describe other people? ūü§Ē

De todos los recursos que tiene un idioma, las expresiones idiom√°ticas son sin duda la forma m√°s colorida, divertida e informal de describir la personalidad de las personas.

Hay una expresi√≥n idiom√°tica para todas las peculiaridades y rasgos personales de tus compa√Īeros, amigos, jefes, etc‚Ķ ¬°Compru√©balo y encuentra la combinaci√≥n perfecta para cada uno!

Personality Traits

  • A vivid imagination: An ability to think of exciting images and ideas.

- Lucia has a vivid imagination. Her artworks are so original.

  • A fuddy-duddy: Someone who is unwilling to try new things.

- Norah is such a fuddy-duddy. She never wants to come out with us on Saturday night.

  • A selfish streak: A tendency to be selfish.

- Gustavo has a selfish streak. He won't share his cookies with his friends.

  • A two-faced: Insincere or hypocritical.

- Arturo is so two-faced. He said he liked my haircut but told his friends he hated it.

  • As bold as brass: Very confident.

- Chetan is as bold as brass. He walked up to the actor and asked for an autograph.

  • An average Joe: A stereotypical man who has simple tastes.

- My dad’s just an average Joe. He enjoys burgers and fries, and loves watching baseball. (US)

  • A barrel of laughs: A fun person or situation.

- It was great to see Jasmine at the party. She’s always a barrel of laughs.

  • Too smart for her own good: Annoyingly proud of her intelligence or knowledge.

- Zoe loves proving how much she knows. She’s too smart for her own good.

  • Down to earth: Practical and unpretentious.

- Noah is really down to earth. He earns lots of money, but he lives in a little cottage.

  • A crybaby: Someone who cries a lot without good reason.

- Bob is such a crybaby. He was very upset about not getting a perfect score.

Ahora con esto, puedes clasificar a todos tus amigos, compa√Īeros de trabajo o familiares acorde a los rasgos personales de cada uno.

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Source: English for Everyone: English Idioms by Thomas Booth

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