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Expresiones Idiomáticas de Halloween en inglés...para morir de susto.

1. A devil of a job: una tarea muy dificil. We had a devil of a job convincing Grandpa to go to the doctor for that bad cough.

2. Dead on one’s feet: extremadamente cansado (a). By the end of the day the workers were dead on their feet.

3. Dig one’s grave: ser responsable de las desgracias propias. If you don't turn in your project, you're digging your own grave.

4. To be dead in the water: un plan, esfuerzo o intento fallido. Oh, that idea from last week's meeting is dead in the water now that the CEO has vetoed it.

5. Like a bat out of hell: moverse muy rápido, sin pensarlo o en pánico. Ejemplo: She ran down the street like a bat out of hell.

6. Make one’s blood boil: hacer enojar mucho a una persona. The fact that he embezzled money from the company for years just makes my blood boil.

7. Not a ghost of a chance: pocas probabilidades de éxito. He doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of passing the exam this year.

8. Playing Devil’s advocate: cuando en un debate, se expresa, o se apoya una opinión con la cual no se está realmente de acuerdo, solo para hacer el debate más interesante. I agree with what you say, but I'll play devil's advocate so that we can cover all the possibilities that may arise.

9. Stabbed in the back: traicionar a alguien. Ejemplo: I have done everything for her, but she left me because of that guy, she stabbed me in the back.

10. Witch hunt: buscar dañar a otras personas injustamente, quizás por sus opiniones o creencias y no porque han hecho algo malo. Ejemplo: This isn’t a witch hunt, this is about finding the truth.

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