How to write an essay

A simple way to start essay-writing. 1. Prompts- Often in essay-writing you will be given a prompt. Typically the prompt will specify the length of the essay so you know how much you will need to write. The best thing to do is to analyze the question. Understand what the theme of this prompt is so you can center your topics. It is important to have a clear theme defined so when you write there is consistency. Make sure when choosing your argument that you consider all opposing arguments as well. An example of a prompt may be something like, “Do you think all schools should require uniforms?” The responses to this question are “Yes, I think all schools should require uniforms.”, “No, I don’t

Aprendiendo inglés con TED Talks

En este post te daremos ideas para acercarte al inglés de una forma que jamás imaginaste. Pero antes de llegar a eso, te contaremos un poco de que se tratan los famosos TED Talks. Hace un poco más de 30 años se fundó en Estados Unidos la ONG llamada TED, una sigla para “Tecnología, Entretenimiento, Diseño”, con el fin de difundir ideas de muchos de los pensadores más importantes de la actualidad. Desde entonces, se han realizado charlas y presentaciones como eventos importantes para tratar los temas ya mencionados en el nombre, los cuales se fueron expandiendo hasta llegar a otros asuntos como ciencias, arte, política, educación, cultura, negocios, asuntos globales, y mucho más. Desde entonc

Some Do's and Don'ts of Practicing English Abroad

One great way to motivate yourself to learn and practice English is to give yourself an actual reason to practice... so plan a trip abroad! Traveling almost anywhere will give you some opportunities to practice English. Here are a few do's and don'ts to consider when you travel. DO practice common phrases and useful words right before you go, so that they are fresh in your mind. You'll feel more confident if you don't have to stop and think everytime you want to say something. DO carry a phrasebook or pocket dictionary (or if you travel with your phone, think about downloading a dictionary or translation app). Everybody has those moments, no matter how good your English is, where they just d

The Friendliest City to Practice English in: Sheffield, UK

Often when people think of places to visit within the United Kingdoms their first thought is London. However, the UK has so many different areas to visit and see. Sheffield is in the North of England in South Yorkshire and it is magnificent! London is great of course; you can visit the famous home of the royals, the British Museum, National Gallery, and the numerous buildings. The issue I have with London is that it tends to be busy, loud, and crowded (I'm a little biased). Also, let me add that London is a very expensive place to stay! So I say get in, get out, and see a little of the rest of the country. And it doesn't hurt that Sheffield is one of the more affordable places to stay in E

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