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Top Tips for Job interview in English

July 21, 2016


1. Prepare- You should know more than just the job description before going to the interview. 


a. Know the name of the company and where it comes from. This is not of the utmost 

importance when interviewing with a big corporation. It does make a difference when 

the company is a locally owned or family oriented company. It shows that you care 

about the company and its roots.


b. Know the name and position of the person who is interviewing you. It is important to be 

able to address the person appropriately. If this person is a doctor, it is very important 

that you at least address them as this once. It is also important to know what the 

position of the person is so you can ask some more direct questions. Direct Questions 

will be covered later. 


c. Know the position that you are applying for- If you arrive to an interview and you do not 

have a full understanding of the job description it will appear as though you are not 

invested or dedicated to the position.


d. Know your strengths